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Complaint against DMCA to Google - 382023 LANADV

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Dear google,

I am a website administrator:, we are a unit specializing in providing information technology solutions and creating content owned by Lan Anh Advertising Technology Co., Ltd. Licensed by the Vietnamese government.  License: 0314816952, dated August 1, 2018.

  • We oppose the main DMCA lawsuit for reasons: baseless, irresponsible DMCA content review team.
  • We have suffered huge losses from the DMCA complaint.
  • and we have enough evidence to sue the DMCA
  • All content is ours, scammers have faked suing us, ask google to review our website url recovery.

1. Content against DMCA

I am the website administrator: Licensed by Vietnamese law TAX CODE: 0314816952.  Content of our business activities: Advertising, website design and digital content provision..

We have now received a notice of data deletion according to the act: We object to this request, citing the following: Complaint against DMCA to Google - 382023 LANADV.

  • We here by commit that all data on the website is owned by our company.
  • We do not steal or copy any partner's data.
  • We now find the DMCA irresponsible with the moderation of complaint content.

Here's concrete proof: an impostor who simply copies unrelated content can complain to us and send it to google to delete data unreasonably.

2. DMCA Complaint Dismiss

  • We need proof of the impostor who filed a complaint against us in international court.
  • We suffered huge losses from google removing the content display url: we couldn't reach the customers, we couldn't run ads.

The damages are huge for our company, hope google will check the partner's complaint and we need to take this matter to international court to get our rights back.

Once again we ask google to check the complaint from DMCA.

3. Lan Anh ADV


  •  Tax code: 0314816952
  •  Address: No. 41/21 Thoi Tam Street, 12, Thoi Tu Hamlet, Thoi Tam Commune, Hoc Mon District, Viet Nam
  •  email:
  • Zip: 700000